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ICYMI: Orlando Sonza Announces Event with Speaker Mike Johnson on Mike Allen

May 20, 2024

2 Min. Read

CINCINNATI, OH | MAY 20, 2024 — Orlando Sonza joined Mike Allen on 700 WLW over the weekend to announce a grassroots fundraising event with Speaker of the House Mike Johnson on May 30th. 


When discussing the exciting event, Orlando talked about the reasons why the Speaker is coming to Southwest Ohio: "I'm running on a secure border, safer communities, and an economy that works for the middle class. And you can bet we're going to run through the tape, but we need people's help. That's why having someone, like the leader in Speaker Johnson coming to Cincinnati, sends the strong message that we are united as a team, we're united as a party, and we're committed to making Greg Landsman a one-term congressman.



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