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Inflation is crushing families across the country. As the parents of four young kids, Orlando and Jessica Sonza know this all too well. People everywhere are paying more at the gas pump, the supermarket, and at local mom-and-pop shops. It's become a luxury to bring your family out to dinner or your kids to the movies.


The policies of the Biden administration have dramatically increased inflation.

Orlando believes that the U.S. should take a two-pronged approach to curb inflation. First, we need to rein in government spending and reduce our reliance on deficit spending. This will require tough choices and prioritization of our national budget.


Second, we need to implement policies that will encourage economic growth and increase the supply of goods and services. This includes investing in infrastructure, reducing burdensome regulations, and supporting small businesses.



Like most people, Orlando has been alarmed at the recent failure of many banks across the country. He understands the importance for the U.S. government takes swift action to stabilize the financial system and ease public fears.


However, Orlando does not believe that the government should bail out failing banks. Especially banks that have engaged in risky business practices and have focused more on ESG policies than sound financial policy. 


Instead, we should focus on regulatory reforms that will prevent future collapses and ensure that banks are operating in a safe and sound manner.

Orlando acknowledges that raising interest rates is one form of monetary policy used to curb inflation, however he believes that the Federal Reserve should take a balanced approach, considering both inflation and economic growth when making decisions about interest rate policy.



A fiscal conservative, Orlando believes that everyone should pay their fair share in taxes, but will fight to ensure that our tax system does not disproportionately burden any one group. 


We can’t tax ourselves to prosperity. As in everything, we need to find a balance. We need those that have been more fortunate to invest in their businesses, raise wages, and provide economic growth to the economy. We must be careful to not tax  ourselves into economic constriction or retraction.

As a member of congress, Orlando will advocate for three major changes to our tax system:

  • Simplify the tax code: The current tax code is overly complicated and burdensome for taxpayers. I propose simplifying the tax code to make it easier for Americans to understand and comply with.

  • Increase small business tax incentives: Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and we should do everything we can to support them. I propose increasing tax incentives for small businesses to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • Reduce wasteful government spending: The federal government spends too much money on unnecessary programs and initiatives. I propose cutting wasteful spending to reduce the federal deficit and free up resources for more important priorities.



Our infrastructure is aging and in desperate need of improvements. Projects like the Brent Spence Bridge and the Western Hills Viaduct have been overlooked for decades. Tens of thousands of residents rely on these thoroughfares on a daily basis to get from their homes to their jobs, schools, and churches.

As your next congressman, Orlando Sonza will develop local, state, and federal partnerships to find the funding for our much needed infrastructure improvements. These improvements will greatly benefit our community and economy by bringing hundreds of new jobs to the district. 



Congress is overspending and driving up our deficit. This is the leading cause of inflation, and it puts an undue burden on our future generations. 


Orlando will cut wasteful government spending and decrease the deficit, while not hurting  critical programs like Social Security and Medicare. He believes that we need to focus our federal funding on our military, securing our border, and taking care of American citizens. 

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