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Orlando Sonza Announces Plan for Federal Expungement

Offers Pathway to Returning Citizens

February 7, 2024

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CINCINNATI, OH | FEB. 7, 2024Today Orlando Sonza, candidate for U.S. Congress announced a robust plan for federal expungements. His plan, which he dubs the Federal Expungement and Rehabilitation Act (F.E.R.A.) aims to provide a pathway to federal expungements of certain nonviolent federal crimes. Sonza plans to introduce the legislation in his first 100 days in Congress.


“Returning citizens deserve the ability to start a second chapter and become productive members of society. I’m proud to announce that pathway with this plan. As a member of Congress, I look forward to bringing forward this long overdue legislation and providing thousands of reformed Americans a second chance,“ Sonza said.


The F.E.R.A. would offer individuals convicted of nonviolent federal offenses, such as drug possession, low-level fraud, or certain white-collar crimes the ability to petition a federal district court for criminal sealing or expungement of their federal record. Individuals would be required to meet certain criteria similar to current Ohio law including the completion of their sentence, a period of demonstrated good conduct and law-abiding behavior, and evidence of rehabilitation efforts, which may include completion of rehabilitation programs, community service, or education.

Sonza added, “As an Assistant Prosecutor, I’ve seen first-hand what it means to give a returning citizen their life back after years of struggling to obtain housing, employment, access to capital, and educational opportunities. By requiring strong benchmarks, including a time period of demonstrated self-improvement and no additional encounters with the criminal justice system, we can ensure that those who have truly dedicated themselves to transformation are given the chance to reintegrate as productive members of society.”



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