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Orlando Sonza Reacts to Bloomberg Economics US Debt Forecast

April 2, 2024

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CINCINNATI, OH | APRIL 2, 2024Orlando Sonza released the following statement regarding the Bloomberg Economics dire forecast on the US debt outlook:

"With the projections released by the Congressional Budget Office earlier this year and this analysis from Bloomberg Economics, it is clear that we need leaders in Washington who are focused on the long-term sustainability and growth of the United States economy and limiting reckless federal spending that threatens economic prosperity. I'm running to get our debt under control and work towards a balanced budget. My opponent in this race advocates for punitive tax increases, refuses to cut government spending, and has no plan to address this debt crisis."

According to the forecast, which examined outcomes related to the US debt, "in 88% of the simulations, the results show the debt-to-GDP ratio is on an unsustainable path — defined as an increase over the next decade."


Orlando Sonza is a proud Ohioan. A second-generation Filipino American, Orlando graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point. Orlando served on active duty as an Infantry Officer and Finance Officer with the 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Stewart, Georgia. After leaving active duty, Orlando obtained his master’s degree in taxation from the University of Cincinnati and his law degree from Georgetown Law. He is currently a prosecutor in the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s office. He and his wife Jessica live in Springfield Township with their four children..



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