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ICYMI: Orlando Sonza Discusses Landsman's Vote Against Military Benefits

June 17, 2024

2 Min. Read

CINCINNATI, OH | June 17, 2024Orlando Sonza spoke with Mike Allen on 700 WLW over the weekend and discussed Greg Landsman's vote against increasing service member benefits:

"He votes against funding for our troops, voting against a nearly 20% raise for junior enlisted soldiers, a 5% raise for all other service members, expanded housing allowance, and an improved cost of living calculation."

"I'm looking at this going, we have someone who is not fighting for us locally, and he is not fighting for us Veterans in Washington."

"I was just talking to a fellow Vet yesterday. Her name is Tasha. She served in the US Navy in the early 2000s, and she said, 'Orlando, I remember when it was so hard to even support my young family because of the little pay that we were making. That we depended on that housing allowance. We depended on that pay raise every year.' And now you fast forward, it's the same."



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