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Orlando Sonza Running for 1st Congressional District

Promises to Put Families First

July 11, 2023

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CINCINNATI, OH | JUL. 11, 2023On Monday evening, Orlando Sonza announced his candidacy for Ohio’s 1st Congressional district at a packed event at the Golden Lamb in Warren County. Orlando is seeking to unseat incumbent Democrat Congressman Greg Landsman in the November 2024 election.


Orlando Sonza ran for State Senate in 2022 and currently serves as a member of the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee. He is also a graduate of West Point, Army veteran, accountant, and attorney. Orlando has been married to his wife Jess for ten years, and they have four children together.


During his announcement speech, Orlando Sonza emphasized that we need serious leadership that puts families first in order to unite our nation and move our community forward. “Amidst all this chaos, you know there’s one group that’s been silently carrying the weight—the American family–the cornerstone of our society, our economy, and our future prosperity.


We need to ask ourselves: Who is going to best represent the American family when it comes to revitalizing our economy, creating safer communities, and protecting the rights of us parents? It’s a true leader—a leader of character, integrity, and of moral principle; a leader who’s a problem solver—someone who seeks to understand these issues and thinks courageously about how to solve them; and it’s the leader with a firm conviction that strong and prosperous families will lead to a strong and prosperous America. That’s who is going to best represent the American family.”


Orlando Sonza is running on a “Families First” platform that focuses on rebuilding the economy, ensuring safe and secure neighborhoods, and standing up for parental rights around the country.

Orlando Sonza also drew a strong distinction between himself and Congressman Greg Landsman. Sonza said, “It’s disappointing that President Biden and representatives, like representative Greg Landsman, have taken positions that emphasize government overspending which in turn hurt our economy’s growth and burden middle-class American families.” He continued by saying, “We need leaders who are more concerned with the serious business of serving American families than trying to grab headlines with attention-seeking antics like posing for shirtless photoshoots on the front page of the local paper.”



This week, Politico wrote that Greg Landsman could be one of the most vulnerable incumbent Democrats in the House, setting up a highly competitive race in Ohio’s 1st Congressional District.


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