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Orlando Sonza Strongly Opposes Cincinnati Issue 24

A New Tax Hurts Cincinnati Families

September 18, 2023

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CINCINNATI, OH | SEP. 18, 2023On Monday morning, Orlando Sonza declared his opposition to Issue 24, a Cincinnati Charter Amendment that will appear before voters this November.


“Housing affordability is a serious problem—not just in Cincinnati, but all around the country. It’s critical that we strive for workable solutions that create relief for Americans, but Issue 24 is not the answer,” Orlando Sonza said upon his announcement.


“Issue 24 would raise the 1.8% earnings tax to 2.1%—almost a 17% increase—at a time when Cincinnati workers are already struggling. The devastating effects of inflation are still being felt by families and increasing the tax on earnings would be a further burden. Not only that, but the revenue from this new tax would also balloon the city budget every year.”


“I’m committed to advocating for helpful solutions to our housing crisis in Southwest Ohio whether it be developing more economic incentives for affordable housing projects or streamlining the permitting and zoning process to reduce construction costs and speed up development. In contrast, burdening hardworking families is not a helpful solution. That’s why I’m asking all our region’s leaders to step up and voice their opposition to Issue 24 this November.”


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