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Orlando Sonza Congratulates Speaker Johnson

Looks Forward to Working with the Speaker to Deliver for American Families

October 25, 2023

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CINCINNATI, OH | OCT. 25, 2023On Wednesday afternoon, Orlando Sonza issued the subsequent statement following the election of Rep. Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House of Representatives:


“I want to congratulate Speaker Johnson on his election. I have the utmost confidence that he will effectively lead the Congress and will continue to serve our country with honor and distinction,” Sonza said. “I look forward to working with Speaker Johnson in the 119th Congress to deliver for Ohioans and American Families everywhere.”


Sonza continued, “In the meantime, I hope Greg Landsman will finally put aside his partisan games and start serving the people of Southwest Ohio. With just 14 months left in Congress, it’s time he gets to work addressing the serious issues crushing American Families.”


The successful Speaker election came two days after the Cincinnati Enquirer published an op-ed from Sonza that criticized Landsman for giving in to ‘gutter politics’ by choosing partisanship over country and voting to shut down the House of Representatives.   


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