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Orlando Sonza Condemns Anti-Democratic Decision by the Colorado Supreme Court

Calls the State Court’s Decision an “Affront to Our Democratic Process”

December 19 2023

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CINCINNATI, OH | DEC. 19, 2023 — Orlando Sonza released the following statement on the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision blocking Fmr. President Donald Trump from the state’s 2024 ballot: 


“The decision by the Colorado Supreme Court is a blatant affront to our democratic process, plain and simple. The Former President has not been convicted of any crime and is entitled to due process and the presumption of innocence. The court has disenfranchised the voters of Colorado by taking away their right to participate in a free and fair election,” Sonza said.

Sonza continued, “This decision sets a dangerous precedent. It is not an issue of Republicans or Democrats but rather a question of respect for our democratic institution. Leaders on both sides of the aisle must stand for democracy and condemn this ruling.”



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