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As an Assistant Prosecutor in Hamilton County, Orlando understands the importance of focusing on real crime prevention. As a former military officer he knows what it takes to keep our nation safe. And as a son of immigrants, Orlando can speak to the importance of securing our southern border while at the same time working to fix our broken immigration system so that immigrants can come here safely and legally and pursue the American dream just like Orlando's family.


The spike in violence here in the First District is due to a variety of factors, including economic uncertainty and social unrest. In Congress, Orlando will work to increase funding for community policing and mental health resources to address the root causes of violence.

Orlando also believes that in order to deter crime we must have fair and effective laws. He supports  judges' use of discretion to determine whether someone poses a flight risk or danger to the community in the assessment of bail and proper sentencing.

As your congressman, Orlando will fight to strengthen our military, secure our border, and stand up for our Second Amendment rights all while working to restore order in our cities, build strong communities, and protect innocent lives—from the unborn to the elderly.



Orlando stands alongside our law enforcement officers and first responders.


Defunding or “reimagining” law enforcement is not the answer. Instead, we need to invest in training and resources to improve police practices and increase transparency and accountability. Orlando believes that body cameras should be mandatory for all police officers, and we need to work to build trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve.



As a former U.S. Army Officer and graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, Orlando is dedicated to ensuring that we maintain a strong and efficient military fully capable of defending the United States and our allies.

As a member of Congress, Orlando will prioritize a strong national defense. Any attack on the United States should be met with a diligent and measured response. Orlando will always fight for the safety and security of all American citizens, both at home and abroad.

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